Scotland is world renowned for the quality of its golf courses. As the historic 'home of golf' Scotland has long been recognised as the birthplace of the game and golf course architects from around the world have flocked to Scotland to gain an insight into how the game was developed on our shores.

Scottish golf course architects were responsible for the growth of the game with pioneers like Old Tom Morris and Willie Park Jr followed by others including James Braid and Donald Ross.  If you are playing an established golf course in Scotland it is more than likely that at some point in the history of that club one of these heralded architects will have worked on the design of the golf course.

Since most of these established courses were completed over half a century ago they have beccome sacred turf and from then till recently the layouts have had little or no professional Golf Course Design input. Due to the continued and accelerated rate of golf club and ball technology over the past 25 years in particular these golf courses have found that they are now being overpowered and with a growing number of qualified Golf Course Architects now resident in Scotland, the expertise now exists to allow clubs to seek professional advice on all aspects of course design and ScotAGCA provides a link to these architects.

To achieve its objectives, all members are required to meet operating standards set by the Association to ensure the highest quality of professional service. These standards are based on a foundation of education, qualifications, training, experience and a sound knowledge of the design history of Scottish golf courses.