Professional Services

Communicating Design Material to Clients

The Association requires that its members adopt a professional approach to communicating the design requirements to clients. Individual methods will vary between architects but information must be presented in a clear and concise manner.

Obtaining Planning Approval

The Association expects its members to assist the Client in obtaining Planning approval if this is required. Members must therefore be familiar with the requirements of the Planning process.

Supervising the Works

Supervision of the works to achieve the required design features is a key element of a successful project. As such, members of the Association must provide a supervisory service, working closely with the construction team to ensure that this is achieved.

Construction Methods

An excellent design can fail to achieve its goals if the construction methods are poor. Members of the Association must ensure that the construction practices and materials are of a quality to maximise the sustainability of quality playing surfaces over the long-term.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Members of The Association must hold current PI.